In the world of weddings, floral decor plays a crucial role in setting the tone and creating a magical atmosphere. However, the beauty of fresh flowers often comes with a hefty environmental cost. As sustainability takes center stage in the events industry, innovative approaches to wedding planning are emerging. One such trend is the repurposing of faux floral arrangements, offering an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on aesthetics.

At Orlando Marquee & Decor we take pride in not only providing stunning faux floral decor for your special day but also in our commitment to sustainability. In this blog post, we’ll explore how our faux flowers seamlessly transition from the ceremony to the reception, reducing waste and leaving a lasting impact on both the environment and your wedding memories.

The Ceremony:

Our journey begins with the ceremony, where our carefully curated faux floral cherry blossom arch adorned the Maitland Arts Center venue with timeless elegance. Our faux floral cherry blossom arch captured the essence of romance without wilting or losing their beauty.

However, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the aesthetic appeal. After the ceremony concluded, our skilled team worked swiftly to carefully dismantle and collect the arch.

Transitioning with Care:

As the ceremony wrapped up, our dedicated team seamlessly transitioned the faux floral arch to the reception space. This process involves carefully moving the arch from one space and across the street to the reception space.

The key to a successful transition lies in meticulous planning and coordination. Our team works closely with wedding planners, ensuring that the repurposed faux flowers complement the reception theme and ambiance. The result is a cohesive visual narrative that carries the romantic charm of the ceremony into the celebratory atmosphere of the reception.


At Orlando Marquee & Decor, we believe that weddings can be both beautiful and sustainable. By repurposing our faux floral arrangements from the ceremony to the reception, we offer couples an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on style. Together, let’s redefine the wedding experience, one everlasting bloom at a time.