The Orlando Magic has become synonymous with thrilling basketball, unforgettable moments, and a strong sense of community. To mark their 35th anniversary milestone, the organization planned a spectacular anniversary party that was a magical experience for the entire organization. One of the key decor elements of the celebration was our silver big shiny spheres, neon numbers, silver shimmer wall and organic balloon decor that brought an air of enchantment to the event.

The Grand Entrance: Guests were greeted at the entrance to the Winter Park Event Center with a magical array of 90’s themed bright and colorful balloons leading them into the heart of the celebration. Once inside the center our show stopping neon numbers were front and center providing the perfect photo op which was fully taken advantage of by all! What made this focal point stand out even more was our Silver Big Shiny Spheres. All of these decor elements really helped to make the entrance grand by creating a sense of anticipation and wonder for the festivities ahead!

The Balloon Extravaganza: Once inside the venue, the celebration continued to elevate to new heights with a balloon extravaganza of columns that lined the hall leading guests to the main area of celebration. From silver shiny stars to disco balls to bright eye catching balloon colors, our decor added an ethereal touch to the festivities.

The Silver Shimmer Wall: This beautiful eye catching backdrop created an ethereal and glamorous ambiance as it served as the perfect backdrop for the main stage helping the band to shine even more. What made this wall even more impactful was the array of the Orlando Magic’s logos filling the wall adding a touch of nostalgia.

The Wall of Sweet Surprise: And finally what is a party without our towering gift and favor walls adorned with our colorful organic balloon garland? Delicious and beautifully packaged chocolates from Peterbrooke Chocolate lined the shelves of our treat wall adding a touch of creativity and indulgence. Guests sophistication, creativity, and, of course, a touch of indulgence.

We are more than grateful to have been able to be a part of this momentous celebration. Here’s to another 35 years of magic in the air!