Before the staff at The Embassy Suites Tampa entered the ballroom for their staff holiday party they were greeted by an enchanting sight—a sprawling silver and white balloon garland that was 18 ft tall! The elegant combination of metallic silver and pristine white balloons created a visually stunning backdrop, setting the stage for a night of festive cheer. The balloon garland not only added a touch of glamour but also served as a perfect photo backdrop, capturing the joyous moments shared by many.

Candy Cart Turned Champagne Oasis:

To kick off the festivities, our candy cart was repurposed into a dazzling champagne oasis. The bubbly spirits created a unique and delightful experience, ensuring the hotel staff celebrated in style.

Big Shiny Orbs: The Crown Jewel of the Night:

No holiday party is complete without a touch of magic, and our big shiny orbs did just that. These silver and white orbs added a celestial quality to the atmosphere. The interplay of light on their reflective surfaces created a mesmerizing dance of shadows, turning the venue into a celestial dreamscape. As the night unfolded, the orbs cast a spell, captivating everyone and fostering an atmosphere of joy and wonder.


This silver and white themed staff holiday party was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended. The combination of the breathtaking silver and white balloon garland, the candy cart turned champagne oasis, and the celestial allure of the big shiny orbs created an atmosphere of pure magic. Here’s to another year of success, teamwork, and creating memories that will last a lifetime to the amazing team at the Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa!

Thank you to 360 Destination Group for asking us to provide our decor and balloon services for this amazing holiday party!